PvP, PvE, Factions, Housing/Land Plots... and all based on NFT's. Every item you collect is an NFT and can be transfered and sold.

Our mission besides making an actual fun game to play, is to really highlight the utilities of NFT's in the new digital world. Expressing them trough gaming.

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  1. Genesis 10k collection NFT Launch Coming soon!

    We're launching the genesis collection of 10k NFT's with special perks and weapons. All characters and combinations in the drop will be included in the game.

    We will be automatically listed on solana marketplaces.

  2. Token give away

    Our very own in-game currency, will be given away to NFT holders and available to buy for a limited time. The currency will be the main currency in the game.

  3. NFT & Token staking

    You will be able to stake your NFTs and tokens and earn rewards!

  4. Game Development

    Game development starts, giving early access to NFT and token holders.

  5. Launch

    It's off, alpha and beta testing phase has been completed. Early access granted to the token and NFT holders. Special rewards for early adopters will be included.


Dedicated for the job.

  • Matic

    Administrator, community & collaboration manager.

  • Mark

    Administrator, game developer & blockchain specialist.

  • Sergiy

    Administrator, Strategic management lead , community manager

  • Daan

    Administrator & blockchain specialist.

  • Marleen

    Social & Copywriter

  • Martin

    Collaboration assistant


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